Secret to thyself

Know yourself

Secret to thyself


We all face challenging situations in daily life. Some of them need sheer will and courage. The funny thing about courage is that we only get it after we have had what we fear. It works in a weird way. Secret to thyself or your success and health is in your hand

We are often giving up too easily. When the situation comes for us to do something we either freeze or overthink. The big mistake is that we overthink the simplest thing. We are all good at complicating things. Well, these moments of courage may turn out to be a turning point in your life. Do you ever wonder what would happen if you have said something that we always want to say or do the things we limit ourselves off? Something it is to say a please ‘Yes ‘ or “No “.

Due to lack of will and fear of what others may say we may remain idle or say what they want to hear. Ignoring every part of you saying that it is wrong . And you could do better.when was the last time you made a strong stand. When was the last time you fought for your dreams when was the last time you did something to make your dreams true?

If you want to talk to someone then just go and talk to them, you don’t need an algorithm for that. When you want to ride a bike then learn to ride it. If you are not happy then do something about it, don’t complain.Be aware of thyself . The Secret to getting things done lie within you

Secret of Value

People say you only live once. Don’t waste your life. But we all tend to forget the value of life, time, love. We take these things for granted. At the moment of last breath people would do anything to have an extra moment in life and the only thing that is left is regret at the end. Our time is limited. I don’t mean to scare anyone. Don’t have to worry. Worrying is the worst thing to do. Your worries don’t increase your life or will changes anything. Worrying is just not worth it. What I meant was to make every breath count. When you take each breadth own it. enjoy it. Try to find more hours in a day .if you really knew the value of life and how short your life is then you won’t remain idle. Each moment you should make the best out of it.

Image if you have a mobile data plan for a limited period and each day you are given a specific amount of data, at the end of the day all the day will be done and the next day the same amount of data is given. What would you do? You all will utilize every MB at the end of the day. You will not let it go to waste. Like that utilize every moment of your day. Don’t let it go to waste. Everything depends upon our perspective of value. What we value the most? In today’s world, people value wealth over health. Profit over life. Possessions over people. Thyself means yourself. So put yourself first and If there is no love in you then how can you share love to others. Love thyself that is the ultimate secret to success.






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