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Tips to crack Group Discussion from experience.

Tips to crack Group Discussion: 2021

I wish I knew these Group Discussion tips before my first GD. Mistakes to avoid in GD. Tips to crack GD are numerous but here are some of the main ones.

Group Discussion Tip 1: Take the initiative

If you have knowledge of the topic announced and have a lot to share, you should applaud yourself. You should be the one to summarize the main points and initiate the discussion. This will give you the opportunity to take the discussion where you want it to go, at your convenience and choice.

Group Discussion Tip 2: Respect fellow speakers

It is important for you to keep in mind that GD recruiters are looking for a strong work ethic. Respect your fellow group members by being polite. Your point should be clear, but do not interrupt others. Also, avoid negative terms like “I disagree” or “That’s wrong“. 

You highlight your positive personality while also showing that you are a team player by using milder forms of disagreement such as “Add another perspective after what you just said” or “Take another look at it from different perspectives.”.

Group Discussion Tip 3: Practice before the real thing

You can judge your abilities and potential against someone of similar caliber and abilities by preparing these topics in advance. Prepare for the real thing by participating in mock Group Discussions. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses by participating in mock Group Discussions.

Group Discussion Tip 4: Trust your instincts

What has happened to you when you scored six points in a Group Discussion, but your friend scored two points, and you got rejected? It happens a lot, doesn’t it? You may never know exactly what a company wants in a Group Discussion because there are no two the same. You shouldn’t believe your group discussion coaches when they say “You’ll need to make at least 5 points to get noticed in a group discussion” During Group Discussions, there aren’t specific rules about how often you should speak. Let your heart lead the way. Remember that quality counts more than quantity in the end.

Group Discussion Tip 5: Make sure you are always up to date

In times of distress, internet browsers are just like your best friend at hand to answer all your questions by recommending top interview preparation websites. You can access a massive, company-specific database containing authentic interview experiences shared by real interviewees by doing regular online research. You can watch recordings of GD as well. Using such materials will boost your chances of being selected. Check for preparation materials for GD on the internet occasionally.


Group Discussion Tips
Group Discussion

What do you think that is needed to crack Group Discussion?

There are a lot of things needed to crack a Group Discussion. Good communication skills and knowledge about current affairs, you may think that these all are needed to pass a Group Discussion but you’re wrong there are still a few more things necessary to crack a GD. Continue reading this article to get learn more Group Discussion tips.

What is Group Discussion?

In my opinion, GD is a mass Reduction round. It’s a methodology used to eliminate unwanted candidates before an Interview. Around 80 % will get eliminated and the remaining may be selected for the next round i.e Interview.

Group Discussion can be in different formats and topics may vary according to the requirements of the job or preference of the moderator. Different types of Group Discussion. The abstract topic deals with a vague topic like “zero”. It focuses on evaluating your lateral thinking and creativity. Case study / General topic tries to evaluate your knowledge and awareness. A controversial topic, it’s given to check your temper and to provoke you. Just keep in mind. That it’s not about you. It’s about the team. Be a team player.

What is the Purpose of GD?

Why Group Discussion, methodology used by hr to filter out the candidate. What are they looking for? Is it your communication skill, or how much you speak? It’s something more than that. They are looking for interpersonal skills, how much you are well aware of the current affairs, team spirit, and listening skills. There are some basic things needed to pass communication is a must. You must be loud and clear when presenting your point and stick to data, facts, figures. Don’t stretch it. It’s not about how long you can speak but what you say and how you say it.

Listening skills

When others are presenting their point you have to listen to them as a sign of respect and that you are interested to hear what they have to say. Listening also helps in understanding the topic and developing your points.

Body language/Behavior

Stick to the point, and maintain posture. Another important thing that the moderator looks for /evaluate is your body language, behavior, and how you interacted. Too much action that expresses anger or disagreement conveys a bad sign. This is not a debate. You don’t have to dominate or aggressively oppose points. Don’t point fingers or make faces. Keep your cool and respect other’s opinions The moderator looks for the team spirit, how well can you adjust or adapt to the viewpoint of others as you have to work with people from different backgrounds.


So basic things needed for GD include Communication skills, knowledge about current affairs. Keep yourself updated. Focus on the facts and figures that will help you to stand out and bring more authenticity to your points. Control your voice and be gentle in presenting it. It should be clear and auditable. Don’t rush to finish the point. Take a pause will help in many situations it will help to think about the next word. Create an image of a cool head and others will understand. It’s all about creating an impact.


Apart from these some of the things to keep in mind is your listening skill. When others are presenting a point pay attention to them. Nod a few times if you could. Maintain eye contact. This essential as when in a team meeting or company meeting you much be able to listen to what the head or others have to say. If you are not willing to listen then how could you speak to help avoid repetition and gather more sense and depth into the topic?

How to start a group discussion?

The first impression is the best impression. So focus on creating a hook that will draw the attention of others. Don’t try to impress the moderator. The discussion is with the group. Just ignore the evaluators and pay attention to the group. Maintain eye contact with everyone in the group You can start the group discussion with a fact, personal experience, or quote. But don’t drag the point too much. Make your point clear and connect it with relevant topics and scenarios.

If you have no idea about the topic. Don’t stay quiet, just listen you will get an insight from others’ opinions and just recap the points and rephrase it as your own point. How you say it also plays an important role. Don’t change your stand in the middle of the discussion. If you want to conclude then recap all the main points take the two extremes and find the middle ground. How you will start a GD? On the topic “Is AI a job creator or destroyer” Let me know in the comment section.

Group Discussion tips

  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and respond appropriately.
  • Act assertively rather than aggressively.
  • Be careful not to get emotional.

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Thanks for reading these tips for group discussions. Please share any feedback or suggestions if you think we missed something.

My best wishes to you!

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