What is Content Writing?

What is Content Writing?

what is content writing

Before knowing what content writing is, you should at least have an idea about what content is and what is its purpose. Content is something that expresses any information or experience to an audience.


Content can be text, image, video and anything that convey a message to the reader. It provides value and information.

Content writing is related to content creation. You may have heard of the phrase “Content is the king”. Well, content is the heart of marketing. Content can be anything that provides information to the audience.


It is an art of communication. It has a definite purpose. Quality content with the right keyword to the correct audience is the king right now.


Without content, people will have no idea to know what you are offering. It creates shareable information.  Creative and engaging content is needed to gain the attention of the audience. It is needed to create brand awareness.

We are consumers of content in some way or another.


Content writing in the print era was associated with the newspaper and classified ads. In the information era, it gained a perspective.  Content is the base of online media. Everything you see online is content. Content is subtle but without content, the internet will be dull.


The purpose of content is to communicate or convey information or experience to the audience.  In a website, they have predetermined goal and keywords that are targeted towards a specific set of audience.


A content writer is a professional who writes engaging web contents for a particular audience. It includes blog post, webpages, social media captions, newsletters etc.

A  writer should have good communication skill. They need to research in their field of writing. One of the most sought out skill in this field SEO and keeping up with trends.


The term copywriting and content writing put forward two different ideas of writing. Though they may sound similar both are different. The main difference is in its purpose. It is informative and creative as it tells about the value of the content while copywriting is direct and intended to generate sales.

Content writing can be part of copywriting but not the other way around. They differ in purpose and style.


It is about bringing new stuff and adjusting to the trend. Everyday there is new content trying to gain the attention of audience. It has worldwide access but the life of content is also shrinking. The main purpose of content is to provide value and information in the simplest form possible. Content writing in 2020 is to get the attraction of the audience and to keep everything short. The attention span of the audience is also shrinking.


We discuss what content writing is and various aspects of related to the topic. It is essential with is not much apprenticed by others. Quality content is hard to find these days. But content is always the King. Quality content ensures quality readers.

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